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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, May 16, 2011

The bees are back!!!!!!

I installed 2 new bee colonies tonight (thanks, Stuart!). Everything went well although on my own I didn't get any video or pics. They were pretty tame after the 45 minute ride home and didn't get too fussy.  The weather helped because it is cold and wet and they prefered to stay in their new homes rather than hang out to sting me.

The turkeys are doing well and growing feathers fast.  They are the funniest animals to watch.  Last night we took half of thier space back because we caught them huddling in the wrong corner - they will die without the heat lamp.  Tonight they were happy and full of fight as I changed their newspaper and checked thier food and water.

John picked some new goat soap up at Oak Leaf Dairy after closing the store - it makes the house smell like a slice of heaven. What a way to start your morning; with awesome smelling soaps that love your skin as much as you do!

Be well!

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