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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Good and bad news

Well, my mentor in bird raising came over to check on the sick turkey and agreed that he was dying.  He put the turkey out of its misery and than we examined him.  The good news is that we do not think it was disease or parasite (the other birds are safe), it appears that the birds right wing was infected.  This probably was due to pecking or a bug bite.  When we lifted the wing you could see that it was black under the skin and inflamed.

Because this took most of the morning, I did not get to join John in his trip to Woodstock to check out the showgirl chicks.  If he sends me good pictures via txt message I will post them here.  In the meantime, I am watching the store and spinning some wool.  The sun is coming out every once in a while to say hello, the weatherpeople are saying its going to hang out Saturday and Sunday this week.  That would be nice, give us some time to dry out a little :)

Be well!

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