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Friday, October 14, 2011

Lots of work on a rainy day!

When it rains for more than one day in a row, there is a lot of extra work to do.  The rabbits don't get thier normal exercise outside, the turkeys get wet and muddy, the goats won't leave the pen, and the dogs don't go out.  This morning was a lot of mucking out the turkey area and providing new straw (We stopped moving the turkey flight cage 2 weeks ago and gave the turkeys access to a 40x40 garden we have fenced in.  This cut down on the fighting and pecking dramatically.)  I then cleaned out the goat pen completely and filled that will cedar chips and gave them extra hay for the long day of chewing cud while looking out at the rain.

Unfortunately, I noticed this morning that one of the turkeys I've been watching for signs of trouble is struggling today and refusing food or water.  He was well enough to come in out of the rain and lay in some fresh straw but that was it.  I fear he won't make it through the day.  I've sent out messages to friends who know more than me about raising turkeys, but I now know from sad experiences that there really isn't anything to do but keep him comfortable.  This always makes me so sad, even though I know that by next month they will no longer be with us, I feel as if I've failed him in some way.

I will post later about my new additions to the farm and let you know how it went.  They are called naked neck silkies or showgirls.  The 2 I am getting are heterogeneous showgirls so they have a naked nack with a bow tie.  Even the boys are called showgirls and I will be getting a boy and a girl, both white, both heterogeneous.  Next spring they will live in a chicken tractor in the gardens helping me with bugs, this winter I will have to establish a home for them in a more protected environment.  For now they will have a tractor I am borrowing and a small living space out of the elements - particularly this never-ending rain.  Better than a drought, but I am kind of getting weary of it.

I will check in later!  Be Well!

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