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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lovely Mondays!

Mondays used to be hard to take, but now it is our day 'off' and its wonderful.  We get all the cleaning, errands, shopping, catchingup stuff done on Mondays.  Tonight I went to a cookie exchange which is the greatest idea!  How else can you get a variety of cookies for your parties without cooking a variety?  You save time and money and you get the greatest new treats and recipes!

Also, in the happy new category - My niece Kaylah brought a flashlight over so we could 'candle' the incubated eggs and we have LIFE!  Our first chick is due on the 23rd and I'm sure much will go wrong, but we are getting very excited!  Of course, people don't usually hatch chicks in winter in New England so we will have to keep them indoors and under heat lamps, but it will be an exciting project to have fun with while we have time to deal with new chicks and we have a super set up in the basement.

My sister came over yesterday and helped me make more lotion bars - we made Lavender X which is a stronger lavender for women and natural honey with no scent for men.  I LOVE these bars.  I have the type of skin that suffers in the dry winter and I use the bars regularly all day.  I keep one large bar in my purse and I have a backup tin at work.  And I love the smell of lavender, so soothing.

John has fallen asleep with a book in front of the fire and I should put this crochet project away for the night and get some sleep myself.  Be well!

PS - Gift of the day is Lunastix.  Get the kids off the video games and into life!

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