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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Friday, August 26, 2011

August 2011, the storm is headed our way!

Well, the good news is we live in the safest place in the united states from natural disasters.  The bad news is we happen to live on a river in the safest place which makes it a little less safe with a big ol storm coming our way!  John and I talked and planned and talked some more and then somehow got our BFFs/nieghbors/cousins to come over tonight to relax (help - haha).  I will have to post pics of our management plan once we get it into motion.  We've decided that the birds must stay outside.  The goats' house is pretty well protected and on higher ground (our yard has gone 6 feet under before).  The bees are on thier own and we will say a prayer for them.  They are on higher ground but that ground was under in the last big flood.

John's parents have a generator so we did not go out and buy tons of water nor food.  I figure if the electricity goes out we'll have too much to eat anyway.  Kathy said she is at her 3rd gas station so we might just deal with what we have.  The store is walking distance (though it might be under water) and I don't work outside the farm again until Tuesday so I think that'll be fine.  Honestly, this morning I wasn't really worried at all and then I turned on the radio.....yikes!

Well, that's all until I have pictures.  Stay safe and be well!

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