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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning chores....

Little Bear has gotten in the habit of checking for treats all the time!  John's doing....
Look at this beautiful new chick - bowtie silkie - our first colored one!
Little bear :)
Does this hay bag make me look fat?
me, me!  I need the next treat!
double trouble
nice hair!
nice hare!
yeah, I know I look good!
Wolfie is always by our side waiting for attention :)  He is the best!
Where is our breakfast?!
This is where the jack-o-lanterns will end up!
They just got the cage cleaned so they need to quick make a mess!
baby showgirls sleeping together in the heat
nice bald spot!
My nesting hens taking a break to snack
The turkeys are starting to gobble!
so tiny!
Ozzy watching over his hens
Buttercup is the head goat and she's looking good on the move!
YUM - breakfast!
Finally, my breakfast!

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