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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, October 8, 2012

A life in a day on the farm

There is NO order to these photos as the document my day - although not nearly all of it!
We are raising 14 holiday turkeys in a turkey tractor made from an old broken cover-it and some fencing.  The turkeys eat regular blueseal feed and all the kitchen scraps I put together!
I made 2 apple pie stroodles for an impromtu party or friends/family/nieghbors (they are all 3)
SysNoodle trying to eat my ipod - she is bitecurious about EVERYTHING!
Wolfie waiting for me to walk them all into the field
My apple corer peeler is the BEST and only cost $20 at the hardware store - makes pies and drying fruit soooo easy!
John trying NOT to share his coffee!
We've  now hatched 10 baby chicks successfully!  3 have gone to other homes and 7 wait for adoption!
This is how I start my day, every day.  The animals know I will not discuss feeding or walking until I've drank my first cup!
My friend Kevin helped me trim all 28 goat hooves!  PHEW!
cuppy waiting to get milked!
frying up onions for tonights fun dinner with friends - beef stew with all the veggies in me and my sister's houses!
John checking the nest with the silkies running around looking for treats!
My English Angora need a harecut!
Pottery I made at the hebron fair is ready to be glazed!
Kids stopping by to be crazy and run around and make silly videos
when I asked Kevin for help I did not know he was afraid of goats! he is cured now!
Morning milking - sooooo cold now!
Stroodles ready for the oven!
The silkies have an outdoor pen, a sun room, and a nesting room
Eight loaves of bread waiting for the oven - yes, we ate them ALL!
We milked 2 times a day 12 horus apart
Doesn't she look like she's smiling?
I dried 1/2 gallon of apples - YUM!  my favorite winter treat!
I finished waxing the bottoms of the pottery for glazing!
Lamancha and the babies going back for some hay
Goat fear - cured!
John telling Cuppy that the coffee is NOT for her!
turkey treats after getting ready to make 2 pies and 1/2 gallon of apple leathers!
little chicks looking for homes!  $5 each!
There is nothing like homemade bread!
getting ready to clean apples
before the onions, there was the butter - YUM!
making dough
The goats are always curious!

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