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Friday, September 23, 2011

Turkey/Chicken Treats

Although I did not blog right away about the treats, I did make and test them :)  The Turkeys devoured them, the hens couldn't care less about them, the chickens have not been tested.  Here I will show pictures now, I am working on producing a fun video of the turkeys enjoying the treats.  I got this recipe out of one of my many magazines, this one might have been from 'backyard poultry' which is a funny magazine with some good information if you want to raise birds.  The ingredients are 1/2 cup hot water with 1 package of gelatin (4 packages come in a box which will cost about $1-$1.70 depending on the store), add this to a bowl of about 3 cups of scratch grains (a 50# bag is about $14), then pack it into containers with or without string to hang.  I put my on string with a metal piece to hold it on, but hens would have probably prefered it on the ground.  Here are some pics;
it was pretty fast and easy to do with some recycled small containers I found in my pantry.

The shape kept well and they hung sturdy in the hen pen where they weren't eaten.  The turkeys tore it to pieces in minutes!

At first the turkeys didn't know what to do, but once they found out the treats didn't last much longer than a few minutes.  Which was NOT what I wanted.  I was hoping to entertain them so they'd stop fighting so much.  I had read to clip their beaks slightly when they are young but that seemed cruel so I didn't.  MISTAKE!  They do far more damage to eachother than a little clip would have done them.  Lesson learned.  In the meantime, I got them 'Pecker Wrecker' which is the same type of idea as this but had abrassive additives to dull their beaks.  They are eating the Pecker Wrecker but I don' tknow if its effecting their pecking yet.  Too early to tell!

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