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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another fun craft night!

We had a great time at craft night - another open night for us!  We are probably going to start doing 1 specified activity a month and the rest open craft because everyone loves that so much!  Tonight we had chocolate fudge (thank you, Pam) and gingerbread - YUM!  This picture is of a mitten my sister Pam made for me with yarn I spun from llama, alpaca, camel, and angora!  She started working on mitten 2 tonight!  It is SO warm and soft - I LOVE IT!  I will spin my angora into all my fibers now that I know how wonderful it feels!

Meanwhile, back at the farm the goats are enjoying fallen leaves, the guinea's pen was moved to better grass, Harriet the funky chicken continues to lay eggs, the rabbits were forced inside by the rain, and the Turkeys are just getting bigger and bigger.  Sunday is their last day with us and they will be missed.  I have really enjoyed raising them and tried my hardest to give them the best life on a farm I could.  This part of farming is the hardest.

Tonight I am running a glaze fire in the kiln and hope to have nice pieces to show tomorrow.  My glazes are about 2 years old so I'm not sure how things will go for us.  I will post pictures, good or bad.  I'm also working on a video to show people how to made homemade ravioli's and another one to show you how to make cheap and easy granola (recipe already posted here - use the search box on the left of this page)

Thanks for reading our blog!  Be well!

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