Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!

Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I promise, I am not speaking from a podium, I am trying to explain to people why we've chosen this path :)

Last night John closed the store while I went to pick up my niece and
nephew for an evening of West African drumming. It is so much fun
even though I am terrible at it. The kids are great at it and
sometimes I just stop and watch them. My parents have always been the
adventurous type. Always learning something new. Right now it is
difficult to visit my dad because he is taking 3 college classes at
the local community college. My mother was the same way. I love that
about them and try to challenge myself regularly. We have great
nieces and nephews that are willing to try these challenges with us,
even if its something like trying squirrel stew!

Last night John had our new 1900's cookstove outside burning off the
protective oil wisely administered by its last owners. After the oil
was gone, the stove burned hot with wood John collected and we could
tell it was going to be a great investment. John smiled toward me and
said, "now that's sustainable living"! I had to laugh in response as
I was watching him from the jacuzi with a mass produced brew in my
hand. I guess we aren't totally sustainable.

Along with learning through new adventures, my parents also instilled
in me a desire to learn through reading. I have read a lot of books
on sustainable living, living off grid, farming, etc. A lot of the
accounts are the all or nothing type which makes for better reading
but definately not what I would consider better living. The truth is
all or nothing is not an easy way to go about life. My mother has
always told us 'everything in moderation'. I can't say I've always
followed that advice well, but I try. I will not be the sustainable
living guru that gnaws bark and bathes in cold water or lives on root
cellar scraps during the winter. I want a life worth living, not one
of deprivation. The choices we make will be to sustain our lives as
best we can while still enjoying them.

When John and I first met we talked about what is most important to
us. We agreed it was our families and friends and the time to enjoy
them and eachother. Time, that precious gift that we cannot get more
of and that we can not stop from slipping away. Our goal is to
maximize the quality of the time we have and to do that we must care
for the land that sustains us, care for the people that color our
days, care for the animals that feed us, care for the moments we have
and embrace them. Some friends cannot concieve of giving up the
vacations and TV and Dunkin Donuts and all the comforts we get used
to, but what are all those things if we don't have time to enjoy them?

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