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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, November 21, 2011

New and old chicks!

The guineas are starting to get their distinctive looks with the blue/white/red faces that look like a clowns and the beautiful feathering.  We have 2white, 2lavender, and 2pearl.  The whites and the one pearl are females and I think the others are males.  The only way to really tell for sure is the sound they make so its hard.  They are moving into the turkey flight cage today to live for the winter.  We will set them free in the spring and we hope they will do ALOT of bug eating, particularly our large tick and mosquito populations!

These are my 4 new fancy chicken additions!  2 white silkies, 1 black cochin, and 1 blue cochin.  I hope to get better pictures with my dad's camera.  The whites may have colored fertilized eggs, which would mean I would trade them out when the coloreds get old enough - or trade out ozzy if I get a male.  Ozzy is even crazier with all these hens!

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