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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

11pm and I'm still not in bed, that is not good!  We got a lot done tonight, though, so I'm happy :)  The bunnies have a new playpen that will be easier to clean and we have plans to get them a doublewide to put in the basement this week to help them tolerate the temperature change - it is much cooler down there!  Meanwhile they've been living on ice packs and plenty of water!

The goats are well and drinking 48 oz of milk a day each!  They've also started to drink water and some grain.  The hay is slow but I've noticed its been eaten a little.  They got the chance to play in our large garden yesterday (they don't really know how to eat plants yet) and they LOVED IT - running around and clicking thier heels like crazy little girls!  They are so much fun to watch and enjoy!

The dogs are happy that I got them treats this week and that I'm letting them sleep with a fan during the day.  The cat is always content sleeping in the basket my sister made her (which will be coming to the store soon for sale!)

Tonight I spent some time with a new artist I will introduce tomorrow - VERY EXCITING - beautiful work, wonderful people!

Be well!

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