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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Sustainable Living Choices

One piece of our mission is to talk to people about sustainable living practices.  Sustainable is a new buzz word that can have many definitions.  For our purposes we are focusing on practices that can support our environment while helping ourselves to be more self-reliant.  This often comes with the benefit of saving us money as well!

One sustainable choice we made this winter was to vent the dryer hose back into the house to provide extra heat and moisture to the air (I covered it with a stocking)- it worked great! Now its time to send that heat back out if I need to dry clothes on a rainy day. Otherwise its the laundry line! I know it sounds strange, but I love taking the time to hang out my laundry - it is like a nice pause in the day where you can relax your brain.

According to the Earth Handbook today, May 3rd, one posititve choice you can make is to share a ride whenever possible. This winter my husband and I sold his truck and used only my VW wagon which actually worked out pretty well! This summer I will try to take my motorcycle to work whenever I can. I can usually commute for over a week on 3 gallons of gas!

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