Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!

Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010

Today was a long day for me.  I got steroid shots into my back to try to relieve some of the pressure on my sciatic nerve.  Let me tell you something - THAT HURTS!  I tried to go to work afterwards but it was too difficult, so I went home and have been laying on the couch since.  It is very boring.  John had a good day working at the store, discussing orders with the owner of the property (the origional owner of Popple's farm and garden), and coming up with even more wonderful ideas to help market the store.  Tonight I plan to shred newspaper for the bricks (from the couch) and do some crochetting (from the couch) and working on the website (you guessed it-  'from the couch').  They assured me the pain would go away, so i am hoping to be more productive tomorrow!  Tonight I will sneak a peek into my Julia Child's recipe book for the weekend :)  OH, I almost forgot to mention, we are switching to an electric company that uses 100% renewable energy for the business and our home!  I will post that company later, when John reminds me of the name!  Be well!

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