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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its a good life!

This morning Dori (our Catahoula Leopard) was limping terribly.  John took the dogs for a short walk yesterday and sometimes she strains her very lazy body but I've noticed that she's been getting a little thinner this month as well.  I'm afraid she has the dreaded lyme disease.  Roxi had lyme disease recently and she had some of the same issues.  I have also had lyme disease.  Ticks are everywhere!  They say this year will be worse because of the mild weather.  Because of this I am considering allowing my polish chickens to free range during the day.  The silkie mixes can't do this because they are small and do not fly well - they would make perfect prey.  The polish, however, are already flying high in thier young age and twice the size of the silkies of the same age.  I will have to investigate this... 

I spend Tuesdays and Thursdays as a research associate for a local state college.  It is a perfect balance with my other lives as an entrepreneur and a hobby farmer.  I actually get to sit down 2 days a week!  ha!  This past year I have drastically changed my life with the support of family and friends and my wonderful husband.  And I am so happy and life is so good.  When I talk to some people about our adventure they respond with words that indicate they would like to change their own lives, but they can't.  I used to respond the exact same way - it will work for you but not for me.  I would see their energy and their enthusiasm and not see myself in that. 

Here I am on the other side now.  A series of life circumstances affected me profoundly and I found myself saying 'Why not me?  Why not now?'  And I dove into a new life and I find that energy THROUGH the enthusiasm.  I want to tell these people that want to change their lives that there is nothing special about me that made this all work, you just need desire and faith.  A person from my old job came in to the store yesterday and said, "I didn't recognize you, you look so.....happy".  And I am. 

Be Well, my friends, and Be Happy!

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