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Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

I'm reminded of 'Christina Katerina and the Box' looking at the goats in their pen.  It is one of my favorite childhood books that my mother MUST know by heart we read it so often.  Christina's parents got a refridgerator and Christina got the box and that box transitioned from one fun thing to the other as her and her companion made forts and castles and ships and finally a dance floor that washed away.  First the goat pen was shelving for plants, then it was made into the ceiling for the goat pen, then it will be the playground for the Angora's.  Its all fun! 

I'm typing this as the angoras run around their current playpen which is the lower bunkbed for the kids covered in plastic and an animal blanket.  They will soon be too big for this and will be ready to move to the basement.  Now I say 'basement' and I imagine people are like - yuck - an old damp cold basement!  But our house is built into a hill and the basement will be perfect in the summer with the cement keeping the air cool while the enormous windows bring in the days light.  In the winter it stays about 65 degrees with a wood stove and plenty of sun.

Well, I've got to put the bunnies back, let the dogs out for one last run, give the goats one last bottle before bedtime, and fill the cat's food dish one last time before bed so she doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night!  My niece said I should time myself in my chores and see how fast I can get them done.  I told her I kind of like how long it takes, you can't rush animals - they've got nowhere to be!  It is nice to kind of take it slow every once in a while :)  Be well!

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