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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The goats are home!

The goats are home and happy. John build a huge playpen/home for them in the basement until they can tolerate living outside. They got to meet Kaylah and Emma today and they got lots of fresh air which they seemed to love. The fresh air and the cinderblock they played 'king of the mountain' on all day!  They take 3 bottles a day with a midday feeding at 2pm.  We didn't time this too well since our helper Susan is going on vacation tomorrow morning and John will be responsible for them by himself!  I'm usually quite the little planner but I'm getting a little distracted by all this fun!  The goats are sleeping in thier pen and the dogs and cat are sleeping on the couch and the bunnies are running around like crazy right now getting thier nighttime exercise while I type this and watch them - thank goodness for cordless!!!!  Well, I'd better get to bed so I can sleep before the mornng feeding!  Be well!

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