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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, April 12, 2010

New pics of the quickly growing bunnies!

The bunnies and I relaxed outside tonight for a little while. Penelope (aka Scamper) flew around and around like a crazy bunny while Thumper (aka Snipper) ate and ate and ate!  I think she actually might catch up to her sister!  Both are growing daily.  Meanwhile the other girls Dori and Roxi (my Catahoula leopard dogs) are getting restless with all this working and the limited playing.  Kitty couldn't care less as long as she's fed.  John and I decided that I would pick up the paperwork and computer on my way home from my first job and then do our inventory and accounting at home with the girls.  They love having me home even if they are just laying on the couches like the lazy dogs they are!  Tonight Roxi and I did the dishes, hung out the laundry, and folded socks while Dori and Kitty slept on the couch and floor respectively.  I'm hoping tomorrow we can bake some bread.  I miss baking bread and the lovely smell.  I will have to buy one of our rosemary plants so I can make rosemary bread tomorrow!

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