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Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday morning, April 25, 2010

We woke up at 5 to feed the goats, although they didn’t eat until 5:45 because I was busy trying to calculate their formula and fretting over whether I am a good goat momma. Cricket refused to eat her last meal last night so I was very nervous. The other 2 eat every last drop and beg for more, but Cricket is a little pickier about the temperature and a little more difficult with the bottle. I’m hoping she has a good day today. Her lack of appetite certainly has not stopped her crazy jumping and new spinning tricks!

After goat feeding, we fed the dogs and cat.

After breakfast we decided to take the girls hiking out back by the river, which they love and deserve after all the unrest in the house this week! We had a great time even though it’s raining and a little cold. They don’t mind and the camera didn’t get too wet!

After hiking we used Joey’s old SUV to pull the tractor to the garage for some TLC. We had the garden tilled by a friend, but John still has to take out his own mini tractor and till the fenced in garden a bit just for fun.  The strawberry patch and raspberry bushes are looking good.  The Asparagus is delicious!

Lastly, I will take care of the bunnies and let them get their exercise indoors and then get myself cleaned up for the day. I will go to the store early and do some work so I can come back at 10:30 for the second feeding. It’s going to be a great day today, I can just feel it! Be well!

PS – We had Millix Family Farm mac&cheese last night for dinner – HEAVEN!

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