Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!

Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Monday, April 12, 2010


We now have candles at the Connecticut Country Store. Enjoy wonderful hand poured scents from Candles by Laura or the scent of beeswax from AZ apiaries. My favorite scent is Vegetable Garden which sounds strange, but smells like heaven!

Speaking of bees, my shipment of 2 colonies will be delayed one week which is wonderful because Jeff was going to miss out and now he'll be home for their introduction to their new home!

Additionally, I will be working with Tad to raise meat birds this year.  They are for us, we won't be selling them in the store.  It will be a difficult learning experience for me and I'm a little nervous.  I might end up a vegetarian.  It is part of my attempts at eating more consciously.  Last year was fishing.  I will let you know how this lesson goes.  They arrive in June.

Meanwhile I've gotten a lot of great responses on Tad's Chickondos (chicken condo).  The chickondo makes raising birds for eggs a snap and helps you fertilize your grass while ridding your area of nasty ticks!  AND it is easy to clean and maintain, it looks nice in any yard AND it is easy to get the eggs without chicken poo incidents - if you've raised chickens, you know what that means!

Be well!

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