Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!

Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

11 more days until the grand opening (10 days in the next 1/2 hour!).  John had a busy day riding his new tractor, picking up inventory, following through on phone calls, and setting up the store.  Tomorrow he has a team of painters ready to clean up that barn and help paint the pallets we will use as a fake cheap fence in our sitting garden behind the greenhouse!  I will get pics of the tractor and plants and newly painted stuff tomorrow!  I can't believe our opening day is coming so soon!  I know I keep writing that but I just find it so unbelievable that this is really happening!  We are sooooo excited its hard to sleep even when I do get to bed before midnight! 

Tonight we took some time off to enjoy Tao:  The Martial Art of Drumming at the Jorgenson with one of our many nephews Chase.  He is very into acting and music and we are so proud!  I went to a Christmas show this winter where he sang Oh Holy Night all by himself alone on the stage and it was wonderful (he is 13)!  This year he is in Beauty and the Beast as Belle's father.  Again, so proud!  They all make us so proud and so grateful to be a part of thier lives.

Time to settle in and get ready for all the excitement tomorrow will bring!  SO MUCH TO DO!  Be well!

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