Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!

Come visit us at the Connecticut Country Store!
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Sunday, March 7, 2010


I was sitting in the greenhouse this morning, surrounded by the plants, it was quiet and I was reading about taking care of them and it all the sudden struck me: this is really happening, right now, we are actually opening a farm and garden store with all these wonderful people and all these wonderful goods and its all really happening, right now. Tremendous. Amazing.  This weekend was soooo busy and we could have never gotten it all done without friends and family!  Friday night our friends helped us replant TONS of plugs, we had a great time!  Saturday my sister and kids came and my parents and John's parents and brother and sister and thier families and my friends - we worked all day cleaning and planting and ended the day with a WONDERFUL dinner my sister-in-law made us all with incredible dessert :)  Meanwhile my friend Kim came in the evening before dinner and brought us the most deliscious dinner to reheat and introduced us to her nephew who is and ag student and needs 90 hours of work in an agricultural session!  He is an incredible working and spent all Sunday with us.  We also met his parents who are great!  Sunday was more work and a little play.  My parents and my little sister and her kids and my mother-in-law and John's brother and family came to help us finish the replanting and the cleaning outdoors.  Pam brough a deliscious lunch with dessert!!!!  John's brother and family brought thier new babies - 2 mini goats - brother and sister - SO CUTE!!!!  They will be there on the opening day with ducks and chickens and bunnies - OH MY!  This night we came home tired and achy at 7pm.  That is when I discoverd my little sister and her girls cleaned my house and did my dishes!  I almost cried.  How incredible!  And we had my friend Kim's food to eat and we got to RELAX and actually eat at the dining room table!!!!  I will post all the pics from the weekend here.  The store and greenhouse are looking INCREDIBLE and I just can't believe it!

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